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Sustaining brand affinity and loyalty remains the single most important business challenge faced by FMCG companies today. In the age of the Internet, traditional marketing channels are not as effective. FMCG companies are therefore opting to reach out to their customers through new-age ‘collaboration’ solutions like ‘customer portals’. The intelligence […]

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    André Cavero

    Great Article Praiselin! I think just the same. Gamification could what the banking industry really needs for that game changing strategy!(September 18, 2014)

    Suresh Bharshetty

    Good article Radhika. It is very important to realize that Digital channels can enhance customer experience while improving operational efficiency for banks. Digitally enabled branch offices...(September 16, 2014)

    Vivek Nair

    The comments on scale assessment before the decision on Data Warehousing vs. Big Data is bang on. I think the BFSI domain also factors in the data security aspect heavily before committing to a choice....(September 3, 2014)

    Manish Grover

    Very informative post Renjith. You touched upon supporting enterprise mobility as well. What are some of the tools available to render complex desktop oriented applications better on the mobile?(August 29, 2014)


    Good one Ranjith. I am a software developer and didn’t know that VDI involved this much issues and considerations. Looking forward to more articles from you – probably about the specific tools your...(August 23, 2014)