iGATE Patni Culture
A global IT services organization’s identity and inherent cultural ethos defines its position in the intensely competitive marketplace for business solutions. Straddling expertise across diverse industry verticals and technology practices, iGATE Patni has combined the flexibility of a small company with the stability and reliability of a large company in a collaborative work environment. Underpinning this unique positioning has been a desire to ensure that our people excel in their individual capacities and gain a holistic experience at all levels. Over the years, iGATE Patni has successfully fused a caring and nurturing workplace culture that emphasizes fun and enjoyment with daily routine, tasks and responsibilities.

Transparency, commitment, passion and dedication are the core values of the work environment created at iGATE Patni. Ideas and suggestion are valued from all and irrespective of position and hierarchy of the professionals concerned. Work-life balance, nurturing of individual talent, fostering team work and recognition of innovation are key elements of the organizational culture. If you are looking for an energetic, challenging and rewarding work environment, iGATE Patni is the workplace to be a part of.